Jaye Sim

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Yoga Instructor & Thai Massage Practitioner

Jaye was born in Hong Kong, had studied in the United Kingdom, and finally settled in Toronto in 1997. Her early life had always been around Arts.

Her extensive training as a Ballerina as well as a musician had led her to studying Fine Arts in university. In 2005, Jaye began her yogic journey. Throughout the years, she practiced various styles of yoga as a stress reliever and a work out in addition to the gym until she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love with its intensity.

She began practicing yoga exclusively. As her love for yoga grew, she became very intrigued about its history, philosophy, meditation, mantras etc. With the support from her wonderful yoga teacher Eric Anderson, Jaye finally pursued her Yoga Teacher Training at Downward Dog Yoga Centre with renowned yoga teachers including Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy.

Jaye is passionate about sharing her practice with anyone who is searching for something in life. Her classes emphasize on mindfulness; challenging the mind to stay focused through precise breathing and maintaining proper alignment, while cultivating physical and mental strength.

“Yoga is about being able to utilizing what I have learnt through my training to unite with others, to serve and empower them, to guide them on how to love and honour their minds and bodies, and to improve their mental and spiritual well-being.”