Acuball Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga

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Date: Sunday Dec 17th, 2017
Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Investment: $35+hst before Dec 10th, $45+hst after
Limited Space, Pre-registration Required @ the studio or ONLINE

Join us in this interactive workshop as we break down myofascial adhesions, release tightness and stimulate blood flow in the entire body using the acuBalls.  The 2nd half of the workshop will guide you through a Yin style practice with the use of Acuballs to release target areas of your body.

All exercises are easily adapted to your regular routine so you can continue to relieve pain and tightness on your own. Helps with computer posture, sedentary lifestyle, repetitive strain, text neck, past injuries & more…

The *Acuball is a 100% natural muscle and joint pain relief tool, applying natural
acupressure to relax muscles and create a de-stressing effect.

Stephanie Hutchinson

Stephanie has been using cardio and weight training to keep fit since 1974. She then added yoga to her routine in the 80s to bring a sense of balance to her life. Enjoying yoga and all of its benefits, she sought different forms of yoga until some friends introduced her to hot yoga. She began a daily practice, and after finding better health and improved posture, she decided to train as a teacher.

Stephanie trained under Bikram and his senior teachers in Los Angeles and received her certificate in November of 2003, Moksha yoga in 2004, Yin yoga with Paul Grilley & Paulie Zink, Anatomy Trains with Carrie Gaynor, restorative & yoga therapy at CCNM. Trained to teach Acuball classes, also various workshops over the years to enhance knowledge, teaching and practice.

She is dedicated to yoga and intends to continue studying so that she can bring a wealth of knowledge to her class and share this with fellow yoga practitioners.