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Yoga Instructor & Thai Massage Practitioner

Nicole’s journey on the mat began in 2006.  It first started as a physical activity, but soon yoga became the central focus of her life journey.  She sees yoga as an incredible way for looking at the connection between the mind, body and soul.  Nicole then completed her certified yoga teacher’s training in Baja, Mexico, and she is constantly expanding her training with different teachers and studios, especially in Yin yoga, which is her true passion after years of practice.

Nicole is a certified Thai yoga massage practitioner, trained in Toronto and Ching Mai, Thailand.  With over 500 hours of training between yoga and Thai yoga massage, she believes yoga is not only a form of exercise for health.  “The asana (exercise) gives us health by working the physical body, and thereby opening channels for prana (life force) to flow and to stabilize the mind and soul.”  In her classes, she is humbling honoured to share her experiences with everyone, and hopes everyone can accept whatever physical condition he or she may be in, feels blissful about his or her body, and discovers his or her own “yoga”.  Her classes are suitable for all ages, with well-balanced of meditation, pranayama (breathing) and asana (exercise).