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Ideal Protein was medically designed and developed over 25 years ago, offering weight loss of 3 to 7 pounds per week.  The Ideal Protein Protocol supports your muscle mass while you go through the weight loss phase of the program. This program has four different phases, which helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar level.  Different from traditional weight loss programs, the last two phases of Ideal Protein focuses heavily on teaching you how to maintain a healthy weight through one-on-one coaching and balanced lifestyle retraining.

Stephen Chu B.A. (Hons) Kin. D. Ch.

Chiropodist & Kinesiolgoist

Stephen received his B.A. (Hons) in Kinesiology from York University. He then attended the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences and received his diploma in chiropody. Stephen presently owns and operates two other foot clinics in Scarborough and Bradford.

Stephen specializes foot care for patients with diabetes.  Due to poor circulation and reduced kidney function, diabetics have a hard time fighting infection and heal very slowly from cuts, sores and wounds. Infections can cause serious complications that, if left untreated, may result in severe problems.  Poor circulation slows down healing even further. And since poor blood circulation most seriously affects the parts of the body that are farthest from the heart, feet are prone to issues. Diabetes can also damage nerves, stiffen joints, cause foot ulcers and a host of other health problems.

“My own story started in July ’15 and after 6 months, I had lost 55lbs and kept it off. The key is to never go back to the bad habits I once had. That’s where yo-to dieting comes from. Ideal Protein is the cheapest, and most efficient method I know. It’s really easy to follow but firstly one has to look to oneself for the drive to want to do it. Otherwise you’ll fail at anything. Bettering yourself emotionally, physically, financially; quitting smoking, joining a 12 step rehab program. None of it is easy. However Ideal Protein will guide you on this path with a lot of help, support and most of all, ease of use!”



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